Free Good Music for Podcasts

A few days ago I wrote about non-RIAA music for podcasts and IT Conversations’ licensing of music fom Magnatune. Here’s an interesting comment from John Buckman of Magnatune:

As far as I’m concerned, a podcast is a non-commercial use of Magnatune’s music and as such, covered by the Creative Commons use of Magnatune’s catalog, hence requiring no fee or further permission.

Lots of great music in the Magnatune catalog. Go for it!

11 thoughts on “Free Good Music for Podcasts

  1. Gary…Magnatune is a record label that gets it. No podcast there, but if you want music to play as part of your own podcast, you can use their catalog without fear of being sued.


  2. There are companion podcasts to all the playlists on, my site. There are about 3,400 playlists — including quite a lot of Magnatunes music — so that’s a lot of free good music for podcasts.


  3. This is a great precedent. At where we deliver single-serving podcasts of indpenent musicians, in a variety of genres, we are always looking for new permission based podcast sources, and this kind of pre-approval is a great movement forward. Thanks guys


  4. I’ve been listening to lots of CC music lately, and I think the biggest problem is sheer volume of content, all with little fanfare.

    So I did something about it. I have a podcast at where I pick out a dozen artists and make a show out of it. I just discovered IndieFeed tonight, and I’m working my way through Magnatune’s catalog. Give it a few months, and you may just start hearing CC artists getting more attention than they ever imagined.


  5. From what I understand, Magnatune music is encoded at a really high quality, making for better source material for us podcasters. Good call, Mr. Buckman – I haven’t been to the site in awhile, but I’ll be heading there soon!


  6. Hi.
    that sounds good free music you can use for podcasts, oh i suppose you have to be careful these days.
    Like people upload songs on youtube that are copyright and get in trouble.

    There are plenty of places you can get royalty free song for your video’s too.



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