Our First 100GB Day

It’s still only 11:30pm and I just determined that IT Conversations transferred more than 100GB of web-site and audio files today: 81.77GB of dowloads and streaming to the Windows Media Player, and just over 20GB of web-site and ShoutCast MP3 stream traffic. That’s up by 4x over the September average.

Why? First is the latest content: Gnomedex 4.0 presentations by Wil Wheaton and Steve Wozniak, a new show by Dave Slusher, and the usual programs like The Gillmor Gang. I figure that accounts for 2x increase. The other 2x? I think it’s from Podcasting and the hyperlinks (including the verbal equivalent) we’re getting from other Podcasters.

Thank goodness for Limelight Networks, our CDN. They’re awesome.

One thought on “Our First 100GB Day

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