Gnomedex Pub Schedule

I’ve had many inquiries about the schedule for publication of the audio from Gnomedex. Here’s the release plan for the next two weeks. Wish it could be faster, but I’ve got a lot of work in the queue. Oh, and the Mill Valley Film Festival begins Thursday and I’ve got tickets to see 18 films in 11 days.

10/05 Transforming Healthcare Through IT (Scott Mace)**
10/06 David Orfao on Memory Lane (Halley Suitt)**
10/07 Steve Wozniak*
10/08 The Gillmor Gang**
10/10 Security Panel
10/11 Blogging Panel
10/12 Wil Wheaton*
10/13 Digital Lifestyle Panel
10/14 Online Content Panel
10/15 The Gillmor Gang**
10/17 Online Advertising Panel

* = my favorites from Gnomedex
** = non-Gnomedex shows

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