.NET Rocks

I don’t know what took me so long. Listeners of IT Conversations have been telling me about .NET Rocks for a long time now. I finally went over there to check it out…very cool. Carl Franklin and Rory Blyth produce an entertaining two-hour show every week. You can stream it live or download on-demand in MP3 or Windows Media format in a variety of filesize/quality options. Broadcast-quality audio, interesting hosts and first-rate guests. They’ve been producing the show for more than two years, predating IT Converations by three months. According to their on-line stats, .NET Rocks gets about 5x our volume of listeners. Mostly about Microsoft, MSDN and .NET of course, with humor and music thrown in. Notifications (but no enclosures) via RSS. Check it out.

One thought on “.NET Rocks

  1. Wow! What a nice plug! Thanks! Most of our listeners download the shows and burn them to CDs so they can listen during their commute way to and from work. We’ve also got a small following that hangs out on Friday nights in our IRC chat and listens to the live broadcast uncut and unedited. We normally hang out for a while after the show and chat with the live listeners. You can also win prizes by listening to the live show.


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