Gigapan Experiments

This afternoon I started work on a future episode of All About the Gear on which I’ll review the Gigapan EPIC Pro. Here’s my second attempt at a Gigapan image of the Golden Gate Bridge. Expand to full screen, zoom into it and pan. Check it out. (Sorry it’s Flash, but that’s how the Gigapan viewer works.),hidetitle,fullscreen/iframe/flash.html?height=400

32 images in a 4×8 grid. Shot with a Nikon D800E at ISO 100. 70-200mm f/2.8. 1/400 second, f/8, 200mm. Stitched in the Gigapan Stitch app. The limitation to the resolution here isn’t the 36MP camera, the lens or the application. It’s due to atmospheric aberration. A problem with long-distance shots at 6pm on a warm September day.