Floor Mats

The carpeting material in the Tesla Model 3 premium interior is rather flimsy. It doesn’t have the feeling of a fabric that will hold up to much wear and use. So I went on the hunt for floor mats and settled on two sources.

For the passenger-compartment floors (front and rear) I selected the 3D MAXpider mats for US$205. There was (and currently still is) a wait, but I did receive them within the timeframe I was quoted.


These mats aren’t plush. They’re fairly hard rubber, textured and sculpted to fit perfectly and with raised edges so the mats can actually constrain dirt and liquids. They’re very lightweight and stiff, so you can easily lift them out to just hose them off. I didn’t like the “3D” logos, so I (easily) removed them, although that leaves a dimple in the material. I prefer that to the glossy logos. I like these even more than I expected.

For the trunk and frunk, I decided to purchase the Tesla mats for US$130 and US$70, respectively. Like the MAXpider mats, these have raised edges and are lightweight and easily removable. For some reason, these Model 3 logos didn’t bother me, so I’ve left them on. The trunk mat has a notch for the loop that allows you to easily lift the hatch covering the deep storage well in the rear.



Both sets of mats are highly recommended. US$409 total, plus taxes and shipping (if any).