What Would it Take?

Now that SpokenWord.org out of the alpha/beta phase…

  • What would it take for you to:
    • recommend SpokenWord.org to your friends?
    • send a link to your collections to your friends?
  • How should we spread the word?
    • a JavaScript or Flash widget for displaying your collections on other web sites?
    • a better email-to-a-friend feature?
    • better links to social networking sites?
    • direct interfaces to Facebook, FriendFeed, etc?

Give us your ideas on our Discussion List.

SpokenWord.org UI Improvements

I’ve just enabled some much-requested UI improvements to SpokenWord.org. Over time we’ve been displaying more and more metadata on the detail pages for members, programs, feeds and collections and you’ve told us they’re just too cluttered and hard to navigate. As of early this morning we’ve moved most of the metadata and actionable links on those pages to the right column. I hope the data are easier to find and the pages are now eaier to read.