The Levelator: Now Solar-Powered and Spill-Proof

It’s been tough to keep this news under wraps, but today I’m thrilled to announce version 2.0 of The Levelator. For this release we abandoned nearly all of the constraints of the 1.x platform. You can use v2.0 without any computer whatsoever.

This all-new clean-room implementation was developed by an entirely separate “skunkworks” team in parallel with the v1.x project. The v1.x team had no idea that the new version was in development — a technique of systems-development methodology pioneered by IBM in the mid-1960s.

Most notably, 2.0 is lightweight and 100% solar powered. The only limitation is that this version of The Levelator operates only during daylight hours (preferably between 10am and 2pm) and cannot be used in far-northern lattittudes in winter. It also needs to be readjusted every 30 minutes or so. But it’s spill-proof, collapsible and easy to carry.  Check it out.