Can Dave Move BitTorrent?

We’ve played with BitTorrent for some time now. I also interviewed its creator, Bram Cohen, over two years ago. I love BitTorrent, as do most other distributors of popular large files, but its adoption has been slow. It requires a plug-in for most browsers, and to use it properly you may have to tweak your firewall, which is beyond the abilities of most Internet users. What’s really needed is for BitTorrent to be built into all our browsers.

Now Dave Winer has taken up the cause of BitTorrent, and I believe he’s doing it just for the good of the Internet. Dave’s endorsement and evangelizing could be the tipping point for BitTorrent, which could ultimately be as important a contribution as his work on RSS, outliners and content-managmenet systems. Thanks, Dave.

WiFi at 37,000′

Well this is cool. WiFi aboard a Lufthansa 747-400. It’s about $27.00 for the whole flight, but that’s just a bit more than $2.00/hour. Mac Stumbler shows five Agere-Lucent WiFi access points or routers on board. Performance and relaibility are good. Maybe I’ll turn off the VPN and run a performance test later. Glad I brought a spare battery for the PowerBook.

Off to Italy

My wife and I are heading to Italy for a few weeks. That means no (or at least very little) blogging and certainly no podcasting until the end of May.

On the way out the door I squeezed out my latest personal podcast with news from IT Conversations and The Conversations Network.

Podcast Academy 3: Coming Together

The curriculum for Podcast Academy 3 (at Yahoo! in Santa Clara, CA, June 15-16) is now more than half complete. We’ve got only six more classes to add, and we’ve got great prospects for all of them. Here’s what we’ve confirmed to date:

If you haven’t registered yet, you’d better do so. With only 110 seats, this one’s going to fill up real soon.