Yahoo! to Sponsor/Host PA3

Yahoo! has been a terrific supporter of the Podcast Academy, and now they’ve stepped up to not only sponsor Podcast Academy 3, but to host the event at their facilities as well. PA3 is now slated for June 15-16 at Yahoo!’s facilities in Santa Clara.

We only have room for 110 people and it’s filling up quickly, so register online now to guarantee your seat.

The curriculum so far:

PBS is for Sale

This is dangerous…very dangerous for broadcast-hardware geeks. At 3pm EDT this Thursday, PBS is auctioning off equipment that’s being left behind in their move to new studios. And it’s a LOT of gear: Ten items close every minute. My wife is very glad that I can’t be in Virginia this week to examine, bid and rent a truck! (Anyone there who wants to check things out for me?)

Podcast Academy 3: Sunnyvale, June 15-16

The official announcement will be forthcoming shortly, but I’m currently putting together the curriculum for Podcast Academy 3, which we’ll hold June 15-16 in Sunnyvale, California. Take a look at the curriculum for PA2, coming in two weeks at Boston University, and tell me what’s missing. What classes would you like to see? What particularly dynamic speakers would you like to have as instructors?

: Registration ($275) is now open, and if our experience with PA2 in Boston is any indication, PA3 will sell out early. Details and more info.

CN Update Podcast

Now that Phil Windley has take over the reigns of IT Conversations, we need to reorg our podcasts, blogs and newsletters.

  • Phil publishes the newsletter for members of The Conversations Network. (Registration is free!)
  • Phil now posts info re IT Conversations on his blog.
  • My weekly podcast has shifted its focus from IT Conversations to The Conversations Network at large. Here’s today’s edition.
  • For now, there’s no newsletter for The Conversations Network, and there’s no podcast for IT Conversations. But let us know what’s important to you.

Help Wanted: Website Editors/Producers

When we last opened the doors for new members of the production team at The Conversations Network, we got the usual flood of applications and quickly had to close the door. That was about two months ago, and we’re once again ready to hire. We’re now accepting applications for apprentice Website Editors, the people who write the show descriptions and bios, and track down and process the photos. To qualify, you must be capable of writing *good* English and have the ability and tools to crop and resize jpegs. After a two-show apprenticeship, you’ll receive $15-$30 per show, depending upon whether you’re getting the help of a Series Producer or not. For more info and to sign up for the program, go here.