Who and Where are You?

Ever wondered who those volunteer members of Team ITC are, what they look like, and where they live? Now you can see some of them and their locations at Frappr.

And now, I’ve created a *new* Frappr map for all of you: the listeners to IT Conversations and The Conversations Network. The map is currently empty, so if you hurry, you could be the first one to post there.

Podcasting History

Ah, the battle over the history of podcasting has reared its ugly head once again. Gotta check my calendar. Is it a full moon already?

I’ve had a lot of email in the past 24 hours from people who want me to weigh in on the revisionist history issue. Personally, like most people, I really don’t care who invented it. But maybe that’s just because I didn’t invent anything. 🙂 Oh, wait! I was the first person to coin the phrase “podcatcher.” Is that worth something? Should I have my own page in Wikipedia?

I can provide a few factual dates to which I can attest first hand:

  • First IT Conversations program:6/3/03, an interview with Phil Windley
  • First IT Conversations podcast: 9/24/03, about a year before most of the podcasts you hear about. I was inspired by Dave Winer’s RSS feed of Chris Lydon’s MP3 interviews. I hand-copied Dave’s XML to create my own feed with enclosures.

But let’s not forget some of the other true pioneers, some of whose names are rarely mentioned in this discussion. A partial list might include:

  • Jish Mukerji (first audioblogged August 2001)
  • Harold Gilchrist (an audioblogging evangelist who first audioblogged January 2002)
  • Adam Curry (audioblog post ~October 2002)
  • Noah Glass (introduced AudBlog in February 2003)
  • Eric Rice (Audioblog)
  • Rob and Dana Greenlee (WebTalk Guys, going waaay back)
  • and lots of people who published spoken-word audio on the ‘Net as far back as the early ’90s

Thanks to Harold who documented some of these people and dates earlier this year.