Report from Bloggercon III

Just got home from Bloggercon III and checked the streaming traffic.

IT Conversations traffic for Bloggercon III

Times shown are MST–we started at 8:15am (not 9:15) and ended at 5:45pm (not 6:45). Of note:

  • Traffic built steadily during Adam Curry’s podcasting session (10:00-11:15 MST).
  • The encoder died on Mike’s XP laptop a bit before 10am.
  • We took a short break at 11:15 and broke for lunch from 12:45-2:30 and so did our listeners.
  • The largest audience was for Robert Scoble’s session, “Overload” (11:30-12:45).
  • Traffic was fairly steady for the afternoon sessions: Ed Cone/Elections (2:30-3:45); Doc Searls/Making Money (4:00-5:30); and Dave Winer’s wrapup (5:45-6:45)

The room holds 160 people and it was full most of the day. The listening audience was 2.75x the size of the in-person audience. Pretty good…IT conversations normally gets less than 1x the size of the live audience, but I attribute that to two things. First, we often aren’t allowed to announce our live coverage in advance of the events we stream because event producers fear we’ll cannibalize the paid-for registrations. Second, there was a lot of blogging activitiy during the event that helped bring in listeners.

Thanks to all who helped. Look for MP3 and AAC recordings of all of the Bloggercon III sessions to appear in the IT Conversations archives over the next two weeks.

3 thoughts on “Report from Bloggercon III

  1. Any thoughts about formatting the highlights of the day into individual podcasts? Would love to hear Robert Scoble’s session for example but wasn’t able to get to a computer on Saturday to catch the stream… thanks in advance if this becomes a reality


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