Pwop: The Sound of $$ and Podcasting?

Carl Franklin of .Net Rocks fame has launched a new company named Pwop to produce podcasts for others. Could this be the first commercial venture into podcasting? I’d take the credit for that honor, but IT Conversations doesn’t make real $$ yet. [Source: Robert Scoble]

Wait!…We had paying sponsors for our podcasts of Gnomedex 4.0. Could that be the first instance of paid sponsorship of podcasting? That might be a cool thing to remember in five years when everyone else is making a whole lot more money.

3 thoughts on “Pwop: The Sound of $$ and Podcasting?

  1. I’m doing a similar thing, just not making a company out of it. My focus is on the advertising side of the world. And since I see what podcasting can do to bandwidth, I have no regrets. đŸ™‚


  2. Thanks for the props, Doug! Actually, .NET Rocks! has been sponsored since January. We’re now podcasting too, of course.

    As for Pwop, I’m sure I’m early to the market, but we have the infrastructure and the talent already in place, so I figured, why not shop it out.

    Bandwidth is a tough one. We have an in-house OC-3 which spiked last week at 37 MBits!! Ouch! I’d be more into BitTorrent if I had any way to measure downloads.


  3. Carl: Was .NET Rocks! available as an RSS enclosure back in January? When did you first marry MP3 and RSS? That’s my benchmark for Podcasting, and I think Chris Lydon with Dave Winer’s help may have been the first to do it.


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